O.C. Certified

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  • Want Me4:00
  • Hands Hurt3:53
  • Get Yo Mind Right2:39
  • Pretty Girls3:44
  • On To Somethin3:50
  • I Want It All3:35
  • I'm Still Here4:29
  • Music4:57
  • I Be Clean2:56
  • Crunch Time4:06
  • on the table4:05

When One Eat...We All Eat

B. V. i. ent. Is a independent label . We strive our self on excellence. B.V.I. allow are artist to express themselves in there particular genre of music. B.V.I. have, producers, engineers, writer, male and female rappers as well as male and female R&B artist. Our style is very unique and our talent is like know other.

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